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  1. 2007.02.15 Norah Jones - Not Too Late
2007.02.15 07:21

Norah Jones - Not Too Late



Tell me how you've been

Tell me what you've seen

Tell me that you'd like to see me too 

Cuz my heart is full of no blood

My cup is full of no love

Couldn't take another sip

even if I wanted

But it's not too late

Not too late for love 

My lungs are out of air

Yours are holding smoke.

And it's been like that for so long 

I've seen people try to change

And I know it isn't easy

But nothin' worth the time ever is 

And it's not too late

It's not too late for love

For love

For love

For love



Norah Jones의 목소리는

대충 들으면 나른한 오후에 들으면서

낮잠 자기에 딱 좋은 목소리와 노래인데


이 여인네 보컬에는

확실히 무언가 맛이 있다.


평범하지만, 그렇다고 식상하지는 않은 편안함.

그게 매력이 아닐까나.

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